Congratulations to all who participated in the club championships on Saturday 24th August.

Junior Champion: C. Watson

Novice Champion: D. Campbell
Silver: A. Gardiner
Bronze: C. Watson

League 2 Champion (40/30y): L. Yull
Silver: J. Finnigan
Bronze: T. Graham

Ladies Champion: V. Stronach
Silver: D. Johnston

Gents Champion: M. Watson
Silver: R. Millar

Gannochy Quaich (Handicap Competition): M Watson
Silver: D. Johnston
Bronze: V. Stronach

Best Golds:
60 yards (Gents): M. Watson
40 yards (Ladies/League2): J. Finnigan
30 yards (Novice/Juniors): D. Campbell

Worst Whites(Lowest Scoring Arrow)
50 yards (Gents): R. Millar
30 yards (Ladies/League2): M. Graham
20 yards (Novice/Juniors): C. Watson

252 Awards: Red – R. Millar Black – D. Johnston
Presentations: A. Winter
Judge: A. Winter
Line Captain: A. Winter
Organisation & Awards: A. Winter
Scoring & Records: M. Graham