Well done to all our participants in the recent indoor championships!
Our thanks go to Matthew Graham for calculating the results and to David Walker for line captain and assisting Matthew in his first championships as Records Secretary.

Awards were presented by our Chairman, Allan Winter.

Photos to follow.

The full results were as follows:

Junior Championships:

Award Name
Junior Champion Gold Medal & Shield Rhys Barr
Silver Medal Abigail Middleton
Bronze medal Katie Brown
Novice Junior Champion Gold Medal Harry Watson
Silver Medal Charlie Watson
Bronze Medal Harleigh East
Best Gold – medal Abigail Middleton
Best White – medal Charlie Watson


Senior Championships:

Award Name Score
Club Championship Cup Ian Heywood 547
Gent’s gold medal & shield Ian Heywood 547
Silver medal Steven Little 526
Bronze medal Paul Jackson 520
Ladies gold medal & shield Vicki Stronach 489
Silver medal Caroline Waring 470
Bronze medal Lynda Millar 447
Handicap gold medal & shield Lynda Millar 1498
Silver medal Mike Watson 1473
Bronze medal Manuela Toth 1472
Compound Gold Medal Mike Watson 542
Silver medal Allan Winter 536
Bronze medal
Barebow Gold Medal Iain Stirling 465
Silver medal Manuela Toth 402
Bronze medal
Novice Gold Medal Brian Johnston 476
Silver medal Jim Finnigan 457
Bronze medal Manuela Toth 442 (Factored for barebow)
Best Gold – medal Matthew Graham
Best White – medal Abigail Morris
Personal Best Lynda Millar
Personal Best Mike Watson
Personal Best Steven Little
Osprey Medals Blue Thomas Graham
Blue Doreen Johnston
Red Steven Little
Red Brian Johnston
Recognition Awards
Lord Paramount
Judge David Walker & Allan Winter
Line Captain David Walker
Organisation & Awards Allan Winter
Scoring and Records Matthew Graham & David Walker
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