Big Announcement…

When the club was first formed back in 2011 the club was registered with Archery GB for the Ontarget Development Program. As part of the program a club has to pick a specialisms out of three options 1) Community, 2) Young People and 3) Performance. A club can have more than 1 specialism if they want.

Both Allan and Simon looked at the criteria and looked at what the club was doing at that moment what evidence was required. They felt the club could achieve 2 of the specialisms with a little bit of work and time. The committee agreed and so started the work just prior to the summer, several club and committee members including two juniors all got onboard and agreed to help.

We can now announce that as of earlier this week Archery GB have approved our Ontarget submission and have granted us both the Community and Young People Specialisms. We will now be able to promote the club even further within the community and the sport.

That is not the end of club development, oh no, we have several projects underway to further develop the club even further. There will be more information on club development at the AGM. If you would like to know more or even lend a helping hand then please speak to either Allan or Simon.

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